Design Something Great

We listen to your needs.

Design Something Great

We listen to your needs.


Architecture is our Passion, and Service is our business.  We successfully provide our clients with personal attention to every detail.  We understand that some projects need time and careful planning, while other projects require a tight deadline and fast-track solutions.  Understanding our clients’ needs is our first line of business.

DesignCreative Evolution

In our dynamic environment, styles change with the seasons and technology is dated before it hits the shelf.  We feel architecture should be timeless. We strive to achieve our goal by allowing each project to evolve with its site, client, and materials.  Design becomes a creative orchestration of many disciplines of engineering products and services.


We are committed to providing you with the best service possible and give you a quality project that not only meets your needs but, hopefully, exceeds your expectations.  We recognize that meeting your budget needs are critical and will make every effort to achieve that all-important responsibility.


Burris Architecture is a full service and multi-dimensional architecture firm in Rogers Arkansas. Since 1994, the firm has always strived to satisfy its clients by providing a customized level of service that is often overlooked by larger firms.